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OdeiaVir is a Free Software program designed to integrate virus scanning into an e-mail server. It currently only supports qmail as an MTA, although Sendmail support is in the works (see experimental version in the download area).

OdeiaVir makes use of Paul L. Daniels's excellent ripMIME utility. WARNING: You have to use ripMIME 1.2.15 or later or OdeiaVir might not be able to catch the Outlook \r exploit!

Currently supported virus scanners are McAfee VirusScan for Unix, F-Prot for Linux, Panda Antivirus for Linux, Sophos Anti-Virus for Unix, Computer Associates' InoculateIT, GeCAD RAV AntiVirus Desktop for Linux, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Linux Workstations, and F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux. As of version 0.3.0, OdeiaVir also supports the GPL'ed virus scanner ScannerDaemon.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you use McAfee VirusScan (aka uvscan) and plan to upgrade OdeiaVir to 0.3.2 or higher, make sure you use version 4.16 or higher of uvscan. More about it in the FAQ.

IMPORTANT NOTICE II, THE SEQUEL: OdeiaVir 0.4.0 and later have the command-line virus definitions in the configuration file, rather than hard-coded in the source. If you are upgrading from a pre-0.4.0 version, double-check that the installation procedure created the proper begin_av/end_av blocks.

Author: Juan Carlos Castro y Castro

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