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(Please read notes below before subscribing to mailing lists.)

Currently OdeiaVir is using the original mailing list hosted at ViaLink Internet S/C Ltda. To subscribe, send an e-mail to If you'd rather receive a periodic batch of messages instead of one at a time, subscribe to the digest version:

***Unfortunately the archives for the list are no longer working. They should be able to be found at

***Because the author of OdeiaVir no longer works at ViaLink Internet S/C Ltda, we can not get the archives working again or update the content of the old OdeiaVir home page. This has prompted the members of the OdeiaVir with the permission of Juan Carlos Castro y Castro to move development of the project to One issue that has come up wether we should we switch to new mailing lists hosted by

If you would like to vote on this topic click here, or please discuss it the Forums or on the old mailing list.

***Here are the links for the NEW Odeiavir Mailing Lists, should we decide to switch over to them:



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